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About the Role

The CBODN Conference Director is responsible for the successful planning and execution of CBODN’s conference, typically a one-day event with an evening networking reception. The Director’s goal is to develop, plan, and produce: a content relevant experiential event; that is considered a value-add by CBODN members; is well received within the broader Organization Development community; and is in support/alignment with CBODN’s organization goals and strategic direction.

This role includes forming a volunteer committee and providing guidance and support to committee members towards meeting planning deadlines and milestones. Major activities include program development, marketing, securing vendors/sponsor dollars, and conference logistics. The Annual Conference Director is also responsible for attending and participating in monthly board meetings for the purpose of providing updates on Annual Conference progress, goals, and budget. 


1. Volunteers
  - Recruit volunteers and develop a committee structure
  - Provide direction, on-going guidance and support to annual conference committees

  - Maintain open communication lines and schedule regular touch points with committee volunteers 

2. Administration

  - Develop budget 
  - Maintain conference expenditures within budgeted parameters
  - Work closely with Board on conference infrastructure/financial logistics, such as conference website, vendor contracts and payment, and speaker logistics. 

  - Apprise the Board of program status 

3. Program – Key Milestones

  - Identification/creation of conference theme, scope and goals
  - Obtaining a relevant and well-respected Keynote speaker

  - RFP process, submission vetting and agenda development

4. Marketing

  - Promotion and creation of “buzz” around the annual conference.  Marketing plan should take into consideration CBODN target audiences.

5. Vendor/Sponsor

  - Developing relationships with vendors and sponsors and obtaining sponsor commitments for the annual conference. 

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Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) - is the premier DC Metro area network and community of practice of Organization Development (OD) practitioners. Founded in Chesapeake Bay, MD, our name still pays homage to our founders, and we are grateful for their brilliant minds and vital contributions to the field of OD.

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