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35 years of community building…..

The Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) emerged from a 1984 national Organization Development Network conference held in the Washington, DC metro area. CBODN founders were energized by their role in hosting the conference and committed to building a network that spans the communities around the Chesapeake Bay area, including Baltimore, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Northern Virginia. We are honored that 35 years later we can help to carry forward the tradition for the next generation of OD practitioners. CBODN has the advantage of a unique and valuable combination of resources in the DC metro area: premier graduate OD programs whose faculty and students keep their fingers on the pulse of our field; a vast system of federal government agencies and related subcontracting, lobbying and other supporting organizations; headquarters to many corporations, associations and nonprofits; a hub of world-renowned OD consultants; and a global, diverse, highly educated population that benefits from the visibility of being in our nation’s capital. This rich, dynamic milieu has fostered the study, teaching and practice of OD in a spectacular way. CBODN is proud to hold the sole distinction of having twice received the Outstanding Regional OD Network Award from the OD Network. 

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CBODN Founders CBODN Presidents
Ralph Bales Chris Swisher2018  
Kari Fisher-Uman Lynn Orosco2016  2018
Denny Gallager

Rick Collier 2015 – 2016
Jane Gouveio

Deanna Larsen 2014 – 2015
Paul Hottle

Jessica Zucal 2013 – 2014
Gail Hughes

Jill Hinson 2012 – 2013
Bob Marshak

Phil Nimtz 2011 – 2012
Nedra Weinstein

Everett Marshall 2010 – 2011

Kathryn Gaines 2009 – 2010

Michelle Poche Flaherty 2008 – 2009

Laura Gramling 2007 – 2008

Laura Gramling 2006 – 2007

Mike Fandey 2005 – 2006

Laurie Reuben 2004 – 2005

Patricia Divecchio And Todd Erickson 2003 – 2004

James Alexander 2002 – 2003

Sharan Newman 2001 – 2002

Linda Smith 2000 – 2001

John McCall 1999 – 2000

Myrna Beol 1998

Betsy Hosteller 1997

Diane Hetherington 1996

Judy Lewis 1995

Sheila Haji 1994

Brenda Jones 1993

Peter Narlin 1992

Judith Leibowitz 1991

Judy Vogel 1989 – 1990

Nedra Weinstein 1988 – 1989

John Shannon 1987 – 1988

Ralph Bates 1985 – 1987
Note: from 1991 through 1998, CBODN operated on a calendar year. From 1984 through 1990 and again beginning in 1999, CBODN has operated on a fiscal year of July 1 – June 30.

Who We Are

Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) - is the premier DC Metro area network and community of practice of Organization Development (OD) practitioners. Founded in Chesapeake Bay, MD, our name still pays homage to our founders, and we are grateful for their brilliant minds and vital contributions to the field of OD.

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  • 1325 G Street NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005
  • (202) 630-6663
  • admin@cbodn.org


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