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About the Role

The contracted Bookkeeper is responsible for making sure that CBODN’s financial status is monitored and working closely with the organization’s President, Vice President, and Secretary – to ensure that all functions are moving smoothly.   This position is responsible for tracking the organizational bank and investment accounts, as well as examining and capturing/organizing payment info for all organizational bills.  Reports monthly to Board Officers.  Other duties include:

  • Monthly reporting and reconciliations; reports include balance sheets, income statement, performance to budget reports, and performance to prior fiscal year
  • Management of accounting in QuickBooks Pro
  • Budget development with executive officers
  • Management of accounts payables and receivables
  • Management of merchant accounts and e-commerce
  • Investment strategy support and maintenance of insurance policies
  • Tax services support through accountant selection and engagement; ensure all tax records are submitted on time and maintain proper federal and state regulatory accounts
  • Support accountant on annual financial review as requested by the Treasurer
  • Update membership records and event registrations if registrations are received via fax or mail
  • Management of records and development of reporting formats to track membership 

Who We Are

Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) - is the premier DC Metro area network and community of practice of Organization Development (OD) practitioners. Founded in Chesapeake Bay, MD, our name still pays homage to our founders, and we are grateful for their brilliant minds and vital contributions to the field of OD.

Connect with CBODN

  • 1325 G Street NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005
  • (202) 630-6663
  • admin@cbodn.org


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